Fred Karrenberg developed a passion for photography while serving in the Air Force. After his discharge, he returned to college, earning a master’s degree in mathematics and taught mathematics while working on a PhD. Fred continued to develop his photographic skills and for several years, was head of the photography department in a university teaching hospital. Fred Karrenberg has received a MFA in Visual Arts from Florida International University. He also runs his own commercial photographic studio.

Fred Karrenberg’s creative direction continues to be influenced by the analytic character of the scientific method and his teaching background. Much of his work has involved observation, analysis, and investigation. The work is manifested in photographs, drawings, installations and constructions.

Fred believes that the process of producing visual art parallels the process of producing scientific research. Analogous to the scientist, he pursues his work as research following the precepts of the scientific method. His work reflects the process of observation, collection of data, intuition of a visual hypothesis (not always well formed), and the resolution of theory manifested in a body of work. This allows for the integration of creativity, intuition and aesthetics into the process. Most importantly this path of intuition, observation, development and reexamination allows for the possibility of expansion by himself and by others.